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Notable Street & Graffiti Artists

Aya Tarek – graffiti
Chico – stencil graffiti, street art
El Teneen – graffiti
Ganzeer – stencil graffiti
Keizer – stencil graffiti, street poster art
South Africa*
Faith47 – graffiti, street art, fine art
Ever – street art, Buenos Aires

Alexandre Ōrion – graffiti, stencil graffiti, photography
Os Gemeos – graffiti

Esm-Artificial – wheatpasting, screen printing
Posterchild – stencil graffiti, street poster art

Pablo Delgado – paste-ups

United States*
(alphabetical by last name, unless the full name is a “stage name”)

Above (California) – multi-colour stencils, large word-play paintings and hanging arrows
Federico Archuleta (Austin, Texas) – stencil murals
AVANT (New York City) – guerrilla art, street art
Avoid pi (aka Adam VOID, South Carolina, Brooklyn) – graffiti, wheatpasting
B.N.E. (New York City)
Beautiful Angle (Tacoma, Washington) – wheatpasting letterpress
Jean-Michel Basquiat (New York City)
Borf (Washington, D.C.) – graffiti, stencils
André Pierre Charles (New York City)
Robbie Conal (Los Angeles) – poster art
Tim “CON” Conlon (Alexandria, Virginia) – graffiti, street installations
Cool “Disco” Dan (Dan Hogg, Washington, D.C.) – graffiti
Cope2 (born Fernando Carlo at the Bronx, New York) – graffiti
Cornbread (born Darryl McCray in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) graffiti
Shai Dahan
Brad Downey (born 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky) – film, sculpture, painting and drawing.
El Celso (New York City)
Ron English – billboards, stencils, murals
Faile (artist collective) (Brooklyn, New York)
Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles) is a street artist and graphic designer, known for his OBEY campaign.
John Fekner (New York City)
Ellis Gallagher (New York City)
Graffiti Research Lab (New York City)
Keith Haring (New York City)
IZ the Wiz (born November 30, 1958 – June 17, 2009 as Michael Martin) was one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the New York graffiti movement of the late 70s and early 80s.[1]
Mark Jenkins (Alexandria, Virginia) – street installations
Michael Kirby (Baltimore, Maryland)
Knitta Please (Houston, Texas) – knitted Graffiti
Barry McGee (born 1966 in San Francisco, aka Twist, Twister, Ray Fong and others)
Mr. Brainwash (Los Angeles)
Mear One (Los Angeles)
Mister Cartoon (Los Angeles) – tattoo, graffiti
Alec Monopoly (Los Angeles) – street art, fine art, murals
Morley (Los Angeles) – wheatpaste artist
Neck Face (California) – graffiti
Nsumi (New York City) – art collective
Olek – street installations
Poster Boy (New York City) – NYC Subway street artist
Priz-one – graffiti
Retna (born Marquis Lewis 1979; Los Angeles) – graffiti
Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – (New York City) urban art, culture jamming
Saber (Los Angeles) – graffiti
SAMO (New York City)
Scape Martinez (California) – abstract expressionist, graffiti, public art installations
Seen – “The godfather of graffiti”, tattoos, toys
Skullphone (Los Angeles)
Smear (Cristian Gheorghiu) (Los Angeles) – graffiti, street art, contemporary painter
Sane Smith (New York City)
Stay High 149 (born Wayne Roberts; October 20, 1950 – June 11, 2012; New York) was an American graffiti artist.[2][3]
CS Stanley (Indianapolis) – stencil graffiti
Melanie Stimmell (Los Angeles) – Madonnari-style street painting
Swoon (New York City) – cut out, wheatpasting
TAKI 183 (Bronx, New York) – Graffiti writing pioneer
Twist see: Barry McGee
Dan Witz (Brooklyn, New York)

Pakistani street artist Sanki King[4]
Hong Kong*
Tsang Tsou Choi, aka “King of Kowloon” – graffiti

A1one, aka “Tanha” – graffiti, street Art
Black Hand (graffiti artist), pseudonymous stencil artist
Sanki King (Karachi, Pakistan) – Graffiti,Street Art,Sneaker Art

ROA – graffiti (animals and birds)

American street artist ABOVE painted this site specific stencil plus installation piece titled The naked truth in Copenhagen, Denmark. 2009
Tejn – Lock Ons, paste up, stencil, installation, conceptual art
Sampsa – graffiti, stencil art and painting

André (born 1971 as André Saraiva also known as Mr. A, Monsieur A or Monsieur André) is a Swedish-Portuguese graffiti Artist living in Paris (France).
Ash – graffiti
Blek le Rat – stencil graffiti, poster art
C215 – stencil graffiti
Darco (born 1968 as Darco Gellert in Bielefeld, Germany) is a graffiti-artist who lives and works in Paris (France).
EL Seed – calligraphy graffiti
Invader – mosaic
Jef Aérosol – stencil graffiti
JR – graffiti, poster art, photography
Thierry Noir – Berlin Wall artist
Miss.Tic – stencil
Miss Van – graffiti
Zevs (born 1977) is an anonymous street artist.

DAIM (born 1971 in Lüneburg as Mirko Reisser) is a German graffiti artist.
Darco see: France
DOME (real name: Christian Krämer) – street art, murals, urban art
El Bocho (Berlin) – street art
Herakut is the name of a two-person team (Jasmin Siddiqui aka Hera and Falk Lehmann aka Akut) of German street artists specializing in murals.
Boris Hoppek (born 1970, in Kreuztal; aka Forty) is a contemporary artist based in Barcelona. His artistic roots lie in graffiti, but today his work spans painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation art.
MadC (real name: Claudia Walde) – graffiti, graphic design
Klark Kent (born 1973 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is a graffiti artist and music producer.
Undenk (Germany, Austria)

Greece* – street painting, wheatpasting, stencil Graffiti.
Woozy (born 1979 as Vaggelis Hoursoglou) – street art, graffiti
108 – graffiti
Blu – graffiti, stop motion
The Netherlands*
Max Zorn
Dolk – graffiti, stencil graffiti
DOT DOT DOT – graffiti, stencil graffiti
Pøbel – graffiti, stencil graffiti
Olek – yarn bombing
Pavel 183 – graffiti
Chanoir (Barcelona) – graffiti
El Xupet Negre (Barcelona) – graffiti
La Mano/Nami (Spanish for The Hand) is a graffiti artist based in Barcelona.
Pez (Barcelona) – graffiti
Akay – graffiti
Max Magnus Norman – sculptures, installations

Harald Naegeli (born December 4, 1939) is a Swiss artist best known as the “Sprayer of Zurich” after the graffiti he sprayed in the late 1970s.
United Kingdom*
Banksy (Bristol) – graffiti, stencil graffiti
Cartrain (London-Leytonstone) – stencil, collage
Andy Council (Bristol) – graffiti, murals
Cutup (London) – billboards
Darren Cullen (london) – graffiti, stencil graffiti
Robert Del Naja (Bristol) – graffiti, street art, album covers
Inkie (Bristol, London) – graffiti, street art, graphic design
Mancsy (Manchester) – screen prints
Alex Martinez (Notting Hill, London) – graffiti, street art
Adam Neate (London) – art on cardboard
King Robbo (London) – graffiti, trainwriting, street art
Sickboy (Bristol, London) – graffiti, street art
Stik (London) – graffiti, street art
Nick Walker (Bristol) – graffiti, murals
Paul Insect (London) – graffiti, stencil graffiti, street art
Luke Cornish (aka E.L.K.) – stencil graffiti
Civilian – stencil graffiti
Dlux – stencil graffiti, street poster art
Duel – graffiti
Fred Fowler – stencil art, post-graffiti
Ha-Ha – stencil graffiti, street poster art
Jisoe – graffiti
Meek – stencil graffiti
Mini Graff – stencil graffiti
Phibs – stencil graffiti
Prism – stencil graffiti
Rone – stencil graffiti, street poster art
Shida – Murals
Stormie Mills – graffiti art
Sync – stencil graffiti, street poster art
Vexta – stencil graffiti
ZAM-1 – graffiti

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