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Sofles Graffiti Gallery

Sofles is a graffiti artist out of Melbourne, Australia and is one of the members of the DTS crew. His original tag name was ‘Wooks’.  His signature work is versatile yet notable by his ability to create unique and stylistic lettering.  We are providing this gallery here as we think he is a very talented and dedicated graffiti artist.  Being an artist from the down under hasn’t kept him in one spot, he has work from all around the globe as shown here within our gallery of his work. He originally started out as a 3d artist but decided to go traditional after many unsatisfactory attempts at 3d. His mentioned main influence the infamous Graffiti artist ‘Blends’. There are quite a few Ironlak and DTS videos of his work in progess on youtube if you aren’t satisfied by just viewing these galleries. Way to go Sofles, we really enjoy seeing you work!

You can find more information and more of Solfes work by visiting his official website @

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