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BOND: One Bad-Ass Graffiti Street Artist

You cannot deny the wonderful luster and brilliance of that who is Bond. Today we are featuring his work, he was born and grew-up in Germany. Bond TruLuv, one who is eagerly committed to finding new ways of character composition and calligraphic expression. As you can see with the wide variety of depictions, he travels quite a bit to cultivate his style and find new spaces, sceneries that inspire his new works interactively. Bond TruLuv has fantastic murals and exhibitions all over Europe, Africa and especially Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and more). Bond TruLuv has found a public forum where his graffiti is appreciated and embraced by the people. Recently his discovery of long-exposure photography in conjunction with light-sources (light-writing) brought him to new levels of Graffiti-art, adding additional depth and character to his works.

Bond TruLuv has a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Arts (ISI) in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.  You will find more of his work @

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